Raw To Radiant: The Secrets to a Long Life of Radiant Health through Raw Foods

by Kim Cohen (Author)

Book Description
Like no raw foods book you will ever read! This book will change the way you
look at food for the rest of your life. You will learn the truth about how
cooked foods contribute to disease in the body and how a raw diet can assist in
the detoxification and rebuilding process. This is not a book about sprouting,
soaking, dehydrating or pulverizing and reshaping foods to trying to get them to
resemble something like pizza. It provides evidence that humans are meat eaters
and tells how a diet of raw meats, raw fats (including raw diary products), raw
fruit and vegetable juices, raw nuts/seeds and their oils provide us with all
the nutrients we need for a long life of radiant health. How does Wild Salmon
Ceviche' and Banana/Ginger ice cream sound? Raw to Radiant will truly change
your life! You will no longer fear disease and growing older. You will look and
feel younger and healthier. Your food addictions will gradually fade away and
you will be able to live your life with health and vitality.

Product Details

Paperback: 140 pages
Publisher: Lulu.com (September 12, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1847285015



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 Natural Lifestyles and Freedom of Choice in Holistic Healthcare