The ADHD Fraud: How Psychiatry Makes "Patients" of Normal Children

by Fred A. Baughman Jr. MD (Author), Craig Hovey (Contributor)

Book Description
Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD is an adult and child neurologist who has made
"disease" (brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, etc.) vs. "no disease" (emotional,
psychiatric) diagnoses daily and has discovered and described real diseases.
Herein he describes the difference between psychiatry/psychology, on the one
hand, and neurology and all organic medicine, on the other, and why ADHD and all
of psychiatry's "chemical imbalances" are not diseases at all--but fraud.
Referring to psychiatry, he states: "They made a list of the most common
symptoms of emotional discomfiture of children and in a stroke that could not be
more devoid of science or Hippocratic motive-termed them " diseases"/ "chemical
imbalances" each needing/requiring a "chemical balancer"- a pill." In 1970, when
"hyperactivity"/"minimal brain damage" (forerunners of ADHD) was first
represented to Congress to be a brain disease, only 150,000 had it. Today, not
by science or truth, but the "big lie" -saying it is a disease often enough, 6
million have it! Nor is ADHD the only "chemical imbalance." They give us conduct
disorder (CD), oppositional-defiant disorder (ODD), major depressive disorder
(MDD), OCD, PTSD, GAD, SAD, etc., a total of 374 psychiatric disorders in the
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV-TR) of the American Psychiatric
Association (APA), said to be "chemical imbalances" needing "chemical balancers"
--pills! In 2003 Congressional hearings it was said that 17% of the nation's
school children, 8.8 million, were labeled and drugged by psychiatry. Today it
is 20%; one in five; over 10 million! How better to sew the seeds of our own
destruction? As if this were not enough, the President's New Freedom Commission
on Mental Health is set to foist compulsory, government-mandated, mental health
screening on all 52 million US schoolchildren. When normal people are lied to,
told they have a "disease" to make "patients" of them, their right to informed
consent has been abrogated and they no longer live in a democracy. When,
pursuant to that lie, they are drugged, what we have is not "treatment" but
poisoning. This is the greatest health care fraud in modern medical history.

About the Author
Fred A. Baughman, Jr. M.D., is an adult and child neurologist and a Fellow of
the American Academy of Neurology. He has discovered and described real
diseases. He has testified before Congress, the European Union, and the
Parliament of Western Australia that ADHD and all claims that psychiatric
diagnoses are diseases, are fraudulent. He has testified in legal cases
regarding psychiatry's false claims of "chemical imbalances" and "diseases." He
has appeared on national radio and television shows, and has authored over a
hundred articles in medical journals and the lay press. He resides in San Diego,
California with Annette, his wife of 45 years. He is the author/producer of the
video ADHD--Total, 100% Fraud (1998), and is featured in The Drugging of our
Children (a Gary Null Production, 2005--a dvd).

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Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Trafford Publishing (February 20, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1412064589



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