The Reflexology Atlas

by Bernard C. Kolster (Author), Astrid Waskowiak (Author)

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
In a grand gesture to the notion that everything old is new again comes this
how-to guide on reflexology, a form of healing dating back to 2300 B.C.
Translated from the German in a concise, fluid format, medical doctors Kolster
and Waskowiak map out a system for therapeutic massage of the feet, hands, ears
or head to implement healing effects bodywide. Working much like acupuncture,
reflexology divides these areas into meridians that correspond to specific
organs, muscles and tissues. Making correlation easy, the book provides succinct
charts of the areas to be massaged. The accompanying photographs, though not
exactly works of art, are clear and precise. Each major section ends with a
helpful roundup of the most important points to remember. Refreshingly, the book
offers no outlandish promises of healing or even rejuvenation; instead, it
plainly spells out the potential benefits while reminding readers throughout
that the best results can often be seen when the techniques are used as an
adjunct to conventional medical care. Still, those seeking to remedy headaches,
back pain, insomnia or weak knees might do well with the solutions featured here alone.

Publishers Weekly, Oct 17, 2005 : ". . . those seeking to remedy headaches, back
pain, insomnia or weak knees might do well with the solutions featured here alone."

Qetesh, TCM Reviews, Feb 2006 : "This would be excellent for a classroom
teaching guide, or for anyone who wants to learn these methods of healing. I
cannot overstress how beautifully illustrated, clear and concise the diagrams
and photographs are. You will not be disappointed with this book in any fashion."

SirReadaLot.org, Feb 2006 : "[The Reflexology Atlas] provides reflexology
treatments tailored to a wide variety of common health disorders, and it
contains concise and easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions illustrated
in full color. The book is an easy way to get started, yet it is quite comprehensive."

Diane Donovan, Bookwatch, April 2006 : "THE REFLEXOLOGY ATLAS provides a fine
oversized, beautifully illustrated atlas of reflexology forms covering every
part of the body from toes to head, including shiatsu massage. A symptom section
applies reflexology treatments to common disorders, while step-by-step
instructions for the massage techniques provides clear discussions of bones,
massage zones, and much more."

Massage Magazine, June 2006 : "Although this oversized book is intended for the
general public, its large color photos and clear technique descriptions will
appeal to any bodyworker interested in reflex points and meridians, and how to
manipulate them to help clients."

Monica Poling, OnceWritten.com, July 15, 2006 : "In fact this book is so full of
great images that it is tempting to skip the text, and just use each picture as
the guide. However, lots of great information is imparted in the text as well,
making the reading as interesting as the skimming."

Spirit of Change, Fall 2006 : "The Reflexology Atlas may not easily fit in your
bookshelf, but you will never notice because it will always be open on your desk."

Making Scents, Creations Magazine, Summer/Fall 2006 : "A very easy to comprehend
book with simple step-by-step information. Recommended for your health library."

Kathy Heckler, The Mellow Muse, New Age Retailer, Oct 2006. : "The Reflexology
Atlas is an excellent and well-organized reference manual, comprehensive in
scope, yet nontechnical in style, for laypersons wishing to learn reflexology for personal use."

Virginia Herring, LMT, Massage Today, Nov 2006 : "I highly recommend this book to all reflexologists."

Mike Gleason, Witchgrove, March 2007 : . . . highly informative, clearly
written, easy to understand, and well designed. . . .This is an excellent book.
If you are interested in Reflexology, this is a book to add to your library.

Product Details

Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Healing Arts Press (January 9, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1594770662



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