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All Creatures Of Our God And King

by Teri Wilson (Editor), Roman Buddemeyer (Illustrator)

Editorial Reviews

"All Creatures of Our God and King: What God's Word Says About Animals is a
well-organized and thoughtful demonstration of God's Love for all His creatures.
In the questions presented, the reader is challenged to think about the
relationship between God, the creator, and the animals He created. Teri Wilson
presents a stimulating study interspersed with heartwarming personal stories
that will lead you into the next section of study. This Bible Study is a must
for anyone seeking to discover the place of animals in our world and is
thought-provoking yet presents clear Biblical answers to some of the most asked
questions. This is a must read for all people who care about animals and love
the Lord." --Sallie Scott

"Attention God-lovers and animal lovers: Have you ever wondered if there are
animals in Heaven? RUN- don't walk- to get your copy of Teri Wilson's "All
Creatures of Our God and King: What God's Word Says About Animals. Ms. Wilson's
delightful book is resplendent with personal and Scriptural insights about God's
love for animals, in this life and the next. Who needs this book? Anyone who has
ever loved a creature of any kind; Bible-lovers who never looked at the
Scriptures from this perspective; those who love animals, and are only curious
about what the Bible has to say about the subject; everyone who enjoys a great
read by an ineffable writer-you won't be able to put it down." --Neka

"You will have a great journey through this unique and informational six week
course which will bring you assurance that all animals below man do have eternal
life in heaven along with the children of God. All Creatures of Our God and King
Bible Study should be in every church both for children and adults. It is truly
a one of a kind study which will bring together families, church groups and
animal loving groups who can share the bond of love between God, man and animal.
It teaches not only that animals do go to heaven but that they also are to be
treated humanely as they belong to God." --Mary Buddemeyer-Porter, Author,

Product Description
All Creatures of Our God and King is a six-week Bible Study for animal lovers.
Readers will learn more about God and grow closer to Jesus as they learn how He
feels about the animal kingdom by studying the Scriptures. The Bible Study
teaches these important truths: animals have souls, God loves our pets and our
pets will go to heaven. Those who are new to studying the Bible will be engaged
by the various animal stories and will also discover God's plan of salvation
through Jesus Christ.

Product Details

Perfect Paperback: 148 pages
Publisher: Eden Publications, LLC; 1st edition (February 14, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0974627755



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