Ethics and the Pharmaceutical Industry

by Michael A. Santoro (Author), Thomas M. Gorrie (Author)

Editorial Reviews

"Santoro and Gorrieas book tackles one of the most controversial issues
affecting our society 'healthcare: an economic commodity or basic human right?'
At the heart of this debate is the role of the pharmaceutical industry. The book
highlights effectively the opposing forces underlying the tension between the
need for financial incentive for drug discovery and the global need for
affordable medicines. It succeeds in providing provocative yet balanced
perspectives from leaders of industry, government, ethics, business and
healthcare. This book is a must read." - Dr. Victor J. Dzau, President and Chief
Executive Officer, Duke University Health System and Chancellor for Health
Affairs, Duke University Medical Center

"For intelligent debate on the crisis of confidence in Big Pharma, this volume
is unsurpassed. Santoro and Gorrie have assembled an impressive array of voices
to tackle contentious issues plaguing the industry, from physician
professionalism and research integrity to drug pricing, direct-to-consumer
advertising, and intellectual property rights. Combining rigorous analysis with
provocative proposals for change, this timely volume should be prescribed
reading for industry leaders, policy-makers, and citizens alike." - Lynn S.
Paine, John G. McLean Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

"This book provides thoughtful dialogue from diverse viewpoints on some of the
most significant issues in health care -- we need this kind of meaningful
dialogue to happen more often." - Tommy G. Thompson, Former Secretary of Health
and Human Services and Former Governor of Wisconsin

"Michael Santoro and Thomas Gorrie have compiled a series of essays that provide
a fair, balanced, and insightful examination of an increasingly troubled
relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and society." -Henry Thomas
Stelfox, Journal of the American Medical Association

"Ethics and the Pharmaceutical Industry is a timely and thoughtful addition to
the growing literature on this controversial subject...I highly recommend this
collection of essays as a beginning of a pathway for all parties involved in
healthcare." -Alan T. Kaell, Pharmacy and Therapeutics

"Suffice it to say the book has something in it for almost everyone interested
in health care, ethics, and pharmaceuticals. You will learn something from some
of the authors, while others will likely make you mad. But they all make you
think." -Merrill Matthews, Journal of the National Association for Business

"Santoro and Gorrie have woven together a rich collection of perspectives in
Ethics and the Pharmaceutical Industry, with contributors ranging from activists
and academicians to regulators and representatives from the industry." -Jeremy
Sugarman, Johns Hopkins University, The New England Journal of Medicine

"Santoro, Gorrie and their contributors succeed in assembling a text that
presents the key issues of business conduct for multinational pharmaceutical
corporations, in a spirit of dialogue and respect for truly diverse
perspectives." William Avery Hudson blog

Product Description
Despite the pharmaceutical industry's notable contributions to human progress,
including the development of miracle drugs for treating cancer, AIDS, and heart
disease, there is a growing tension between the industry and the public. Debates
are raging over how the industry can and should be expected to act. In this
volume leading figures in industry, government, NGOs, the medical community, and
academia discuss and propose solutions to the ethical dilemmas of drug industry
behavior. They examine such aspects as the role of intellectual property rights
and patent protection, the moral and economic requisites of research and
clinical trials, drug pricing, marketing and advertising. . Michael Santoro is
Associate Professor with tenure in the Business Environment Department at
Rutgers Business School, where he teaches courses on business ethics, public
policy, labor and human rights, law, ethical issues in the pharmaceutical
industry and China business strategy. As a Research Associate at Harvard
Business School, he wrote or co-authored nearly thirty case studies and teaching
notes on ethical and legal topics such as global protection of intellectual
property, insider trading, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and Fair Credit
Reporting Act. Thomas Gorrie is Corporate Vice President, Government Affairs &
Policy, at Johnson & Johnson, with responsiblity for all federal, state and
international government affairs and policy. He completed post-doctoral studies
at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, following the receipt of
his doctorate at Princeton University. Gorrie has over 30 years of worldwide
health care experience and has worked with various Johnson & Johnson companies
in research and development, marketing and sales, business development,
strategic planning, general management, international, venture capital, and health policy.

Product Details

Paperback: 526 pages
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 1 edition (July 23, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0521708885



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