The New Wellness Revolution: How to Make a Fortune in the Next Trillion Dollar Industry

by Paul Zane Pilzer (Author)

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Five years ago, Paul Zane Pilzer outlined the future of an industry he called
“wellness” and showed readers how they could get in on the profitable bottom
floor. The New Wellness Revolution, Second Edition includes more guidance and
business advice for entrepreneurs, product distributors, physicians, and other
wellness professionals. It’s an industry that will only grow, so get in while you can.

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There's still time to get in on the ground floor and make your fortune in wellness!

Five years ago, in The Wellness Revolution, economist Paul Zane Pilzer outlined
an emerging $200 billion industry he called "wellness." Today, that industry has
grown to $500 billion, and it's just getting started, offering even greater
entrepreneurial opportunities.

The Wellness Revolution was the "shot heard round the world" for the wellness
industry. It defined wellness as an industry—linking tens of thousands of
disparate service and product suppliers with a single cause. It showed
scientists, fitness providers, businesspeople, food manufacturers, doctors, and
others focused on disease prevention and anti-aging that they were part of a
worldwide revolution—rather than merely lone iconoclasts inside their chosen
professions or industries.

While the first edition was largely focused on large $100 million wellness
companies, The New Wellness Revolution includes more guidance and business
advice for individual wellness entrepreneurs, health product distributors,
physicians, chiropractors, and other wellness professionals. For those in one of
the largest segments of the wellness industry, there is a new chapter called
"Direct Selling: How to Get Started." The New Wellness Revolution features new
action items in every chapter and covers major new trends, particularly the
phenomenon of "sickness industry" food companies such as McDonald's and Wal-Mart
making huge investments in fresh and organic foods.

The New Wellness Revolution shows that even though millions of people have
embraced wellness, the need for wellness has actually expanded due to declining
health trends, particularly the rising obesity rate in the United States and
other developed nations. Medical costs now exceed profits for most large
employers, and corporations are beginning to recognize that wellness and disease
prevention are the only viable solutions to rising healthcare costs that
threaten their very existence.

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Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Wiley; 2 edition (February 16, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0470106182



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