The Organic Lawn Care Manual

by Paul Tukey (Author)

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
For homeowners tired of their chemical-saturated lawns, this book provides
step-by-step guidance for "get[ting] your lawn off drugs." Tukey, a lifelong
lawn lover, started mowing as a teenager, and as the owner of a successful lawn
care company, he was well entrenched in the "weed 'n' feed" method prevalent
since the 1940s: "With one pass of a lawn spreader, we could feed the grass"
(with chemical fertilizers), "kill the weeds" (with pesticides) "and still have
time for a round of golf at the course we so envied"). When, after years on the
job, he began to experience nosebleeds and shortness of breath, his doctor
ordered him to stop using lawn chemicals, and that was the beginning of his
commitment to organic lawn care. His lively and passionate instruction—on soil
structure and how to improve it; grass varieties; "starting a lawn from
scratch"; natural lawn foods; "watering dews and don'ts"; and how to deal with
moles, voles, grubs and bugs—are interspersed with inspirational tales of
natural-lawn activists. With an appendix on lawn games, from croquet to
badminton, this book will delight lawn fanatics and provide sound advice for
those who simply want to maintain their yard.

From Booklist
Tukey, the editor and publisher of People, Places & Plants magazine, offers
gardeners what he calls "how-to methods for safe, effective lawn care" and
avoiding the use of chemicals. He explains how to evaluate lawn-care needs, how
grass grows (what he labels grass anatomy), how to create healthy soil, and how
to select grass that is drought tolerant and disease and pest resistant. There
are chapters on starting a lawn from scratch or refurbishing an existing lawn,
making the transition from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, watering,
weeding, dealing with pests and diseases, and mowing and maintenance. Included
is a helpful glossary, a list of ground covers, and many color photographs.

Product Details

Paperback: 271 pages
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC (January 30, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1580176496



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