When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance and Planetary Survival

by Matthew Stein (Author)

Editorial Reviews

"Stein's excellent guide to simplifying your life, reducing your environmental
impact, and pulling yourself out of a jam is sure to gather no dust on your
bookshelf... This book is a personal and planetary empowerment tool." -Richard
Heede, Ph.D., author, Homemade Money: How to Save Energy and Dollars in Your

"A marvelous guidebook for helping us through the worst of times, and even
improving on the best of times" -Thorn Hartmann, author, The Last Hours of
Ancient Sunlight

"When Technology Fails is a massive project done well. First the book gives a
superb presentation of WHY one should be more aware and prepared—and then HOW
one should go about this. The scope of this book... is thorough. Not only is the
information presented well, but a solid bibliography can carry the student as
far as he desires in any particular area of interest."—John McPherson, author,
Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills

"We may all need a survival reference when technology fails. Matthew provides
one — fact-filled, with useful tips on all aspects of survival, clothing, food,
shelter, water, etc., including such vital subjects as grazing and the green
pharmacy."—James A. Duke, economic botanist, USDA (ret.) and author of The Green

"The depth of this book, covering everything from building materials to
spiritual healing, is astounding. It is a one-stop source... to create a
self-sufficient, earth-friendly lifestyle. I highly recommend it for anyone
interested in preserving the health of themselves and the planet—and moving
toward a sustainable, sane way of living."-Robyn Griggs Lawrence,
editor-in-chief, Natural Home magazine

"Whether you are seeking self-reliance and a simpler life or fear the collapse
of social services, this compendium of practical information for sustainable
living belongs on your bookshelf..."-Fred C. Walters, editor, Acres U.S.A.

Book Description
When Technology Fails is the first to offer, under one cover, basic instructions
and recommended resources for the wide range of skills and technologies
necessary for self-reliant living and achieving mastery of all kinds of
emergency conditions.

A user-friendly "bible" in the tradition of the Whole Earth Catalog, this book
provides information that will help the average person become more self-reliant.
In an era of super-storms, burgeoning population, massive earth-quakes, global
warming, and record-breaking floods and droughts, more and more people are
seeking to prepare themselves to deal with the difficult times that may lie

When Technology Fails addresses this universal concern in one engaging and
concise volume for the general reader. A directory of resources and an
instructional guide to sustainable technologies, it outlines survival strategies
for dealing with changes that affect food, water, shelter, energy, health,
communications, and essential goods and services.

When Technology Fails provides something for everyone, from parents who want to
help their families when a disaster strikes, to the go-it-alone survivalist, to
the eco-minded person who wishes to tread more lightly on the earth - whatever
the future may hold.

Product Details

Paperback: 405 pages
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing; Reprint edition (May 16, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1933392835



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