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Strategies for the Green Economy: Opportunities and Challenges in the New World of Business

by Joel Makower (Author), Cara Pike (Afterword)

Product Description

Business leaders searching for a green strategy encounter few roadmaps and
established rules and plenty of hidden twists and turns. Strategies for the New
Green Economy describes how companies can succeed in the green marketplace,
keeping pace with customer and societal demands to reduce their environmental

In this book, Joel Makower provides clear guidance for this challenge. He offers
insights and inspiration gleaned from his 20 years' experience helping Fortune
500 companies and start-ups alike formulate strategies that align environmental
and business goals.

Providing a comprehensive and realistic look at both the opportunities and
challenges, Strategies for the Green Economy systematically tackles the central
issues of greening your business:

What does it take to be seen as an environmental leader?
What are the standards, implicit or explicit, that you must meet to be green?
How do you communicate what your business is doing right--and what it's doing
How can you overcome consumer, media, and activist distrust?
How can your company be heard amid the “green noise” in the marketplace?
What are the new opportunities emerging for companies in the green economy?

From the Back Cover

Strategies for the Green Economy joins big-picture perspective with
ground-level practicalities in ways that will challenge and inspire even the
most skeptical executive.
--Lorraine Bolsinger, vice president of Ecomagination, General Electric
. . .
Long before 'green' was in vogue, Joel Makower shared our understanding of the
importance of sustainability in business. His knowledge of the complexities and
the dynamics, especially as they relate to the bottom line, yield the insight
that many companies have come to rely on.
--Ursula M. Burns, president of Xerox Corporation
. .
Joel Makower provides a roadmap--a clear and compelling vision of what's
possible when companies harness environmental thinking to create value for their
shareholders, employees, customers, and communities.
--Gary Hirshberg, chairman and president of Stonyfield Farm
. .
The greening of business is not a fad--it's a fundamental change in how
commerce is conducted given the new energy and climate realities. Joel Makower
charts the course for this new era, showing how leadership companies large and
small are harnessing innovation to transform the challenges into opportunities.
--Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund and author of Earth:
The Sequel, The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming
. .
"In Strategies for the Green Economy, Joel Makower challenges business leaders
to understand what lies behind the desire for green products. With 20 years
exploring environmental perceptions and advances, there are few more qualified
than Joel to. drive the green debate.
. Fisk Johnson, chairman and CEO of SC Johnson. .

Product Details

Hardcover: 312 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill 1 edition (December 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0071600302



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