The Management of Chemical Process Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry

by Derek Walker (Author)

Product Description
Providing a practical guide focused on the management of chemical processes and
people in an industrial environment, this book addresses creating and managing a
vision for process development. Readers gain a concise overview at how to
integrate chemists, biologists, chemical engineers etc, into an efficient and
productive group capable of implementing complex chemical processes:

* Discusses the concepts of leadership and vision, and how to encourage and
motivate individual scientists on a team.
* Instructs on issues such as process safety, environmental engineering, FDA,
and patents, with insight provided on integrating these pieces into the process
development team.
* Case studies provide clear examples of the importance of integrating all the
various facets and individuals into a functioning team.

From the Back Cover

Here is a practical guide that not only presents insights into the organization
and management of the disciplines involved in chemical process development but
also provides basic knowledge of these disciplines, enabling process development
practitioners to recognize and assimilate them in their work. This book
illustrates practical considerations through many examples of the successful
direction and integration of the activities of chemists, analysts, chemical
engineers, and biologists, as well as safety, regulatory, and environmental
professionals in productive teams. Moreover, this reference provides guidance

Directing and carrying out specific tasks and courses of action
Making and communicating clear and achievable decisions
Solving problems on the spot
Managing the administrative aspects of chemical process development

The author, Dr. Derek Walker, has directed chemical process development work for
four decades, combining firsthand chemical synthesis experience with many other
disciplines needed to create chemical processes. You will benefit from his
advice and unique insights into:

Understanding the workings of matrix organizations
Defining missions and creating action plans
Developing interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving
Holding review meetings, revising goals, and motivating staff
Prioritizing programs and responses to emergencies

In addition, you'll learn how successful chemists, in collaboration with other
disciplines, define the best (green) chemistry for process scale-up, including
accommodating FDA requirements in the last process steps and addressing safety
and environmental matters early in their work. Case studies provide incisive
perspective on these issues. A chapter on recognizing and patenting intellectual
property emphasizes the importance of comprehensive literature surveys and
understanding invention. A chapter on the future challenges you to think beyond
narrow constraints and explore new horizons.

Product Details

Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: Wiley-AIChE; 1 edition (March 28, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0470171561



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