A New Way of Eating from the Fit for Life Kitchen

by Marilyn Diamond (Author)

Editorial Reviews

From Library Journal
Useful as a companion volume to Harvey and Marilyn Diamond's Fit for Life ( LJ
6/15/85), and offering the same theory of nutrition, this is a revised edition
of The Common Sense Guide to a New Way of Eating (Golden Glow, 1979). As in Fit
for Life the emphasis is on the consumption of high water-content foods (raw
fruits and vegetables), and proper food combining as an aid to satisfactory
digestion. All of the recipes are fairly simple, as might be expected when the
emphasis is on raw foods. Recipes for soups and cooked vegetables and grains are
also included. While this program is not a scientifically proven theory of
nutrition, the author (and her husband) are extremely popular and well
publicized so there will probably be requests for this book.

About the Author
Marilyn Diamond has a certification of nutritional counseling from the American
College of Health Science and has worked and studied in the nutrition/health
field for over 20 years. She is the also the co-author of Fit For Life and most
recently co-authored Fitonics for Life with her new partner, Dr. Donald Burton Schnell.

Product Details

Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (February 1, 1987)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0446384046



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