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Alternative Medicine
A balanced approach? A tai chi class in progress.
Alternative Medicine: The Evidence
For thousands of years, what we now think of as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) was the only medicine; now, traditional cures are being treated with a fresh respect. For BBC TWO, Kathy Sykes investigates why science is starting to respond to these centuries-old remedies.

Medical screenings

Kathy Sykes

It's the deepest investigation into the efficacy of alternative medicine ever attempted on TV. Find out more about the series.

Cure or cue?

Observing a patient

How can we be certain CAM is helping, rather than just making people feel better? Science has trouble testing therapies.

Balancing Qi

Japanese acupuncture chart

It can trace a history back to the first stone needles - but what's the principle underpinning acupuncture?


Want to know more?

Students in a library

Had your interest in CAM tickled? We've got some suggestions for taking it further.

Natural cures

Herbal medicine

Nearly all human cultures have used some form of it  - but what accounts for the durability of herbal medicine?


The next connections

A montage of websites

Want to know more? Dig deeper with our expert-selected books and weblinks.

A world of treatment

A portion of a globe

From California to China - discover the differences in CAM around the world.


Also from Open2

The Other Medicine website
Anna Ford and BBC Radio 4 undertook their own exploration of CAM - listen online to The Other Medicine.

Alternative therapies

The Alternative Therapies booklet

Kathy delved deeper into alternative medicine in Alternative Therapies. Why not order the free booklet from that series?


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