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Welcome to Common Ground!

Creating Abundance in Community

We offer:
  • hands-on classes and events in organic gardening and sustainable lifestyles
  • seeds and plant starts - hundreds of edible, medicinal, native and ornamental varieties
  • organic composts, fertilizers and mulches - a broad selection
  • tools and natural disease and pest control products - the highest quality
  • books, magazines, cards, and gift items
  • volunteer opportunities and new friends.

Common Ground Video

Click here to view a video which captures the heart and soul of Common Ground, narrated by Center Director Patricia Becker. Thank you to Luke Seerveld of Seerveld Media for his professional video production services!

Demonstration Garden For You

Common Ground Garden Center's motto is "Creating Abundance in Community," and our vision is to promote edible gardens in neighborhoods throughout the San Francisco Mid-Peninsula. The Common Ground Demonstration Garden is a model for this vision and for you to learn the best ways to get started or continue gardening in your neighborhood.

Classes are held at the garden on GROW BIOINTENSIVE Mini-Farming, Permaculture, Drip Irrigation, California Native Plants, Seasonal Vegetable Gardening and more. The core of the garden is a 14-bed GROW BIOINTENSIVE Mini-Farm area. There is also a home demonstration area surrounding a cedar-wood shed, that will soon include three vegetable beds, native plants, herbs, and different examples of composting.

A total of 17 beds are planted with unique crops including glorious grains and root crops: tomatoes, potatoes, amaranth, wheat, parsnips, oats, corn, Jerusalem artichokes, alfalfa, millet, and bush beans. Expect to soon see five apple and two pomegranate trees along with two old apricot trees that are a legacy of the former orchard.

Thursday is Volunteer Day in the Garden. There is a splendid core group of volunteers who enjoy welcoming new volunteers. If interested please inquire with Drew Harwell, the Garden Manager, at or when you are in shopping at Common Ground. Your tax-deductible donations are needed and appreciated to see the garden grow. Please contribute what you can at the Common Ground website or in person!

Comments from garden volunteers:

"I have been volunteering at the Common Ground Demonstration Garden since March 2008. Supporting the mission of Common Ground is great. I have discovered that the benefits to myself are greater: I am constantly learning new aspects of sound organic gardening, how to feed the soil properly to help plants thrive. This information directly benefits my own garden. I meet and work with people who share my interests and I get to spend enjoyable hours outdoors getting a healthy workout better and more fun than any available at any gym. The work at the Demonstration Garden feeds my soul." Marie-Louise Rouff

"If you want good energy dancing, come start here in the garden and your energy will grow like the vegetables!" Nella

"I have no garden of my own, so I have the opportunity to learn biointensive gardening techniques here with a group of very fun people. Seeing the garden soil become amazingly friable after double digging (easy on the back!) and growing one crop has shown me the efficacy of these techniques." Ann Gunderson

Common Ground in the News

To view some recent articles about Common Ground appearing in local publications, visit the In the News page.

Our Relationship to Ecology Action

Common Ground is a project of Ecology Action, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization promoting the GROWBIOINTENSIVE™ method of sustainable agriculture. Under the direction of John Jeavons, author of How to Grow More Vegetables (Than You Ever Thought Possible On Less Land Than You can Possibly Imagine), Ecology Action has researched and promoted Biointensive agricultural methods worldwide since 1972.

Contributions are tax-deductible; we greatly appreciate your donations and participation!

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