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Welcome to Planet Natural: Since 1991, we've been providing quality organic products for the home, lawn and garden. Today, we serve thousands of customers across the U.S., offering everything from fertilizers and composters to indoor garden supplies and grow lights. Whether you're shopping for a backyard garden or for acres of landscaped lawn and flowers, you'll find the tools you need here.

EnviroCycle Compost Bin
Ideal for home composting, the EnviroCycle Composter features a compact and user-friendly design. Available in black and green. Compost Bin
Free Shipping!  $176.50
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Corn Gluten Meal
Corn Gluten Meal Organic lawn care made easy! Corn Gluten Meal (9-0-0) promotes a lush, green lawn and is a safe, non-toxic alternative to chemical lawn...
5 lb. Bag    $10.95
50 lb. Bag  $42.95
Ladybugs - Free 2-Day Shipping!
LadybugThese popular beneficial insects feed on aphids (40-50 per day) and a wide variety of other soft-bodied pests, mites and eggs. In stock now!
2,000 Ladybugs  $23.50
(Available in larger quantities)
Pine Beetle Repellent
Protect your trees from the #1 forest pest in North America! Contains Verbenone, a non-toxic treatment that mimics a pheromone released by the beetle when an infested tree is full. Pine Beetle Repellent
2 Pheromone Pouches  $29.95
Organic Lawn Fertilizer
Delivers a slow release nitrogen (9-3-4) that lasts up to 3 months! This pelleted fertilizer provides the essential nutrients that produce thick, green... Organic Lawn Fertilizer
50 lb. Bag  $44.95
New ButtonBuild Your Own Grow Light & Save!!!
Can't decide on one of the light systems we've already assembled? Well, build your own and save some cash while doing it. It's easy! Just purchase one item from each of these categories (Ballasts, Reflectors, Bulbs) and we'll automatically take 10% off the cost of the system at checkout.  Learn more here.
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