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Spring Cleaning for Your Kitchen and Yourself

Now that we can look forward to spring’s imminent arrival, it’s fun to think about how we can prepare our kitchens as well as our palates. Many cultures have deeply ingrained rituals for preparing the kitchen for the season of rebirth—think of Passover and Lent rituals. Many involve clearing as well as cleaning, and making way for the new. Here are some ideas:

It’s a good idea to do a more-than-superficial cleaning of the refrigerator and freezer before each season, getting rid of those “science projects” moldering in the backs of shelves as well as freezer-burnt foods. Cabinets and pantries should be gone through twice a year; I think early spring and late fall are ideal, since there is (or should be) most change in the foods used at these times.

Make rituals of preparing for the warmer seasons enjoyable. Think of how nice it will be to reach into your spice cabinet and actually find what you’re looking for. Consider the kind of centerpiece to reflect the mood of the season at your table. Perhaps you can replace winter’s russet and yellow mums with a vase of daisies, lilies, and irises. Maybe you’d like to display a small pot of tulips or force branches of forsythia. This small touch of floral beauty costs so little, yet adds so much to the seasonal mood of the kitchen.

When going through your pantry, gather any non-perishables that seem not to get used and donate them to a food pantry. When going through your pantry this year, please purge any products that contain partially hydrogenated oils. Don’t donate these items. Throw them away. People less fortunate than you don’t need to eat these unhealthy foods any more than you do.

Finally, think of a spring cleaning for your body. Drink a lot of water, cleansing teas, and refreshing smoothies. Use lots of leafy early spring greens such as spinach, arugula, lettuces, and Asian greens. Use what’s in season, and try to buy organic produce from local sources whenever possible. Other spring flavors to look forward to include asparagus, beets, leeks, parsley, peas, radishes, rhubarb, and strawberries.

It’s time to sow seeds, both literally and figuratively, and make room for new blessings to flow into your life!

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