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National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) - Innovation for Our Energy Future
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Photo of NREL research buildings on the South Table Mountain site. The Field Test Laboratory Building is on the far left, the Solar Energy Research Facility is in the center, and the Science and Technology Facility is on the far right.

Learn about NREL's research and development of renewable fuels and electricity that advance national energy goals to change the way we power our homes, businesses, and cars.

Photo of three young men sitting at a table with their fingers on buttons controlling a buzzer. The teammates are costumed in a stovepipe hat, left, and armor, center, made from duct tape. The rightmost has a bright red banner across his chest.

Dakota Ridge High School teammates Joel Scott, Eric Reed, and Ben Woeste buzz in at the Colorado Science Bowl.
Credit: Jack Dempsey

Science Bowl is Fun with a Future

Science is fun! Just ask students across the country currently competing for a trip to the National Science Bowl. But there is a not-so-hidden agenda for Science Bowl sponsors: engage the next generation of scientists and engineers. "We truly enjoy science," one of the competitors says. "With science there are so many places you can go in life." Full story

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Learning About Renewables: Get basic information about renewable energy for consumers, homeowners, and busiensses, including activities for students. More.