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" . . . The quality of the fruits and vegetables available at grocery stores is terrible. Most are laden with toxic substances, such as sulfates on grapes, pesticides . . . many times fruits and vegetables are imported from foreign countries that use toxic pesticides that are illegal in the United States."
As stated by Dr. Ronald Steriti in our article Antioxidants and Organic Foods

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Java Jewelry

What’s the secret ingredient in the bracelet pictured above?

Genuine Kentucky coffee beans, which are paired with recycled Fair Trade glass beads.

These coffee-themed designs are created by Josie Lamb Williams and Mark Williams, who work with strictly organic, eco-friendly and recycled materials.

Big Agribusiness Dictating U.S. Food Safety

farmstandStudies show minorities in America eat way too much junk food, resulting in higher rates of diabetes and heart disease, but yet many McDonald’s commercials seemed aimed to inner city youth.

Where’s the social responsibility? What about compassion for the consumer? Clearly profits win out.

Agribusiness is no different. The market for organic foods is growing. So big corporations like Monsanto rig the game, influencing food regulations and making it impossible for small independent farmers to operate...

President Obama: Protecting Our Food Is a Fundamental Responsibility

I blogged yesterday about President Barack Obama’s new FDA appointments: two medical doctors with extensive experience in food safety and public health.

Today, I’d like to share some of the president’s comments on food safety, broadcast on Saturday as part of his weekly radio address.

His remarks are welcome news for mainstream and organic consumers, whose interests were often ignored during the Bush years as officials caved to big-business lobbyists and protected the interests of food producers and factory farms.

World Tour of Recycling Bins


It’s always weird to see what mundane things like phone booths, parking meters and trash cans look like in other countries. Recycling bins are no different. Here’s a snapshot tour from around the world, including places like Austria, England, Australia and many more.

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    Crunch the numbers to a healthier you.
    Lauras Letter

    Studies show that preservatives and chemicals are a source of serious health issues, including undue stress, accelerated aging, and weight gain. You'll find these 'bad guy' ingredients in:

    • Diet soda, juices, drink mixes, processed tea drinks
    • Prepackaged dinners or frozen meals.
    • Conventional cookies (non-organic)
    • Chips
    • Diet foods
    Read more... [Crunch the numbers to a healthier you.]
    First Look LA 5 Minutes With Laura Klein
    Organic Living

    Laura gives Gardner, host of the TV show, First Look LA, a tour of her organic garden and makes him lunch from her tasty organic food finds! Laura discusses the many health benefits of eating a diet rich in organic foods.

    Read more... [First Look LA 5 Minutes With Laura Klein]
    Go Green at Home and Save!
    Organic Living

    You can enjoy the countless benefits of going green without emptying your wallet!

    In fact, green (the eco kind) and green (the cash kind), can live happily together, side by side. I'm here to show you how.

    Energy Isn't Endless

    In the United States alone, buildings are responsible for 25-35% of total greenhouse gas emissions,

    Read more... [Go Green at Home and Save!]
    Creating a Water Garden in a Tub
    Organic Gardening

    Water gardening has become very popular in the last 20 years. Many homeowners have installed small ponds or water features to grow a wide variety of plants and to enjoy the ambiance that water provides.

    But you don't need a large yard or tons of time and energy to build a water garden. If you don't have the time, money or ambition to create a large water feature, you can build a water garden in a tub.

    Read more... [Creating a Water Garden in a Tub]
    Top Tips for Shopping for Organic Foods on a Budget
    Organic Food Articles
    Organic Beets Carrots

    Good news! You can eat healthier, save money, and lose weight, all at the same time!

    Transitioning to a healthy, nearly all-organic, whole foods diet is a major factor in how I lost my last hard to lose 10 pounds 10 years ago. In fact, green living is the way I've been able to keep the weight off ever since!

    Follow these food shopping tips to a less expensive, healthier lifestyle. The only thing that will fatten up is your wallet!

    Read more... [Top Tips for Shopping for Organic Foods on a Budget]
    Organic Food and Safety
    Lauras Letter

    Hey Everyone,

    There's a lot happening in the consumer product world these days. There's the tomato salmonella outbreak that has sickened hundreds of consumers and, U.S. marshals seized pet-food products stored in unsanitary conditions at the PETCO Animal Supplies Distribution Center in Joliet, Illinois. These pet foods were susceptible to rodent, bird and pest contamination, a violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

    I don't know about you, but with all these food scares, I am even more inspired to stick to my strict organic diet (I just recently lost another 5 pounds without even trying). With food and oil prices on the rise I know this can be a tough decision economically, but what most people don't understand is that certified organic farmers have to abide by stricter rules and regulations then conventional farmers imposed on them by our government.

    Read more... [Organic Food and Safety]
    Selecting and Growing Heirloom Tomatoes
    Organic Gardening

    In a world that worships the new, sometimes older is better. For me, that's true with tomatoes. While modern hybrid tomatoes look great and are very productive, the old heirloom varieties have the taste and look of "real" tomatoes.

    What's an Heirloom?

    Heirloom tomatoes are those varieties grown prior to World War II. They often are regional varieties from around the world that have been passed down within families.

    Read more... [Selecting and Growing Heirloom Tomatoes]
    Better Living with Laura Klein Organic Chocolate Fondue
    Organic Food Articles
    Organic food and chocolate lovers check out the first episode - Organic Chocolate Fondue and chocolate martinis for my new television show, "Better Living with Laura Klein"
    Read more... [Better Living with Laura Klein Organic Chocolate Fondue]
    Better Living with Laura Klein
    Organic Living
    Organic food lovers and green living folks check out the promo for my new television show, "Better Living with Laura Klein"
    Read more... [Better Living with Laura Klein]
    Organic Food: Get the Message!
    Organic Food Articles

    As campaign director for Farm Aid, the Somerville, Massachusetts-based organization that represents the interests of family farms, Mark Smith is well aware of what Americans read in newspapers and see on TV each day: mad cow disease, high levels of toxins in farmed salmon, genetically engineered growth hormones in milk, rising obesity levels in children, and pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables.

    Each highly publicized concern is "driving people to search out more healthful and safe food," Smith tells

    Read more... [Organic Food: Get the Message!]
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