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A Few Figures on Organic Farming to Get a Bigger Picture…

March 5, 2008

Information and thoughts about the Organic industry

Worldwide spending on oganic food in 2007: almost 40 billion US Dollars (and
the 60 billion US dollar limit should be reached for worldwide sales in 2010)
USA is the world’s biggest organic market with 17 billion US Dollars spending
on organic products in 2006 (which represents about 3% of the total food
market in the US). The organic market in the USA grew by 21% in 2006.

Europe is the second biggest organic market, with for example 4.6 billion EUR
spending on oganic products in Germany in 2006, 2 billion EUR in France, 2.6
billion EUR in Italy, 2.9 billion EUR in Great Britain.

Agricultural land currently certified organic worldwide: more than 31 million
hectares (about half the total surface of France), of which 42% are in
Oceania, 24% in Europe, 16% in Latin America, 10% in Asia, 7% in North
America, 1% in Africa.

Progression of the agricultural land managed organically worldwide between
2005 and 2006: + 6.3%

69 countries have a regulation for organic agriculture, 21 are drafting one
There are more than 468 certifyers in the field of organic agriculture worldwide

Sources: “The World of Organic Agriculture: Statistics and Emerging Trends
2008”, study conducted by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture



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