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How to Master Organic Gardening
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Ena Clewes, a professional Horticulturist, guides you on how to eliminate the need for pesticides and other harmful chemicals in your garden.

Ena is often asked about better, safer, more Eco-friendly ways to garden, so she thought, "Why not put together an e-book that will answer many of these questions?"

How To Master Organic Gardening

Your answer to hundreds of questions
most often asked about organic gardening.

To to Master Organic Gardening

Ena, What is this ebook about?
I give you many safe alternatives to the use of chemicals, by using every day eco-friendly products that are available in your home.
Best of all, not only does this save you money, but it saves the environment that you are living in, and is also more beneficial for the plants in your garden.
Who Should Read How To Master Organic Gardening©?
This e-book was written for gardeners like you who wish to reduce their reliance on expensive and environmentally harmful chemicals. Even if you've never attempted organic gardening, you will be able to easily implement the practices in this book into your own garden. Those with some experience will still find a considerable amount of useful, actionable information in this e-book.
How to Master Organic Gardening©
Chapter One: Organic Gardening Explained
Chapter Two: Organic Lawn Care
    Appendix: To Start or Not to Start from Scratch
Chapter Three: Organic Mulching
    Appendix: The Return of Spring
Chapter Four: Organic Pesticides
    Appendix: Animal Invaders
Chapter Five: Organic Fungicides
Chapter Six: Organic Plant Disease Fighting Tips
Chapter Seven: Organic Potting Soil
     Appendix: Stop and Smell the Manure
Chapter Eight: General Organic Gardening Tips
     Appendix: Creating a Garden Pond
Book Conclusion
     Appendix: Birds, Bees & Butterflies
Chapter One
Covers the “why” and “who” behind organic gardening—that is, who does it and why do they do it. This chapter also considers the various types of organic gardeners. While many organic gardeners share similar philosophies, organic gardeners can usually be broken down into several distinct categories. Chapter One will help you to understand these categories; and also help you to place yourself within this context.

Chapter Two
Delves into the complex subject of “organic lawn care.” While non-organic lawn care consists of a few simple-to-apply, expensive chemical inputs, organic lawn care is quite different. It involves the careful construction of a lawn care strategy, which includes the selection of multiple bacterial, fungal, and nutritional inputs.

Chapter Three
Considers how to create effective, organic mulches with items you might already have around the house. The processes and recipes described in this chapter could save you a considerable amount of legwork and money; and could also considerably improve the effectiveness of inputs in your organic garden.

Chapter Four
Covers the various components of organic pesticides and how they can be applied in different scenarios. While this section includes a review of some commercial organic pesticides, it also covers a number of possible low-cost solutions. Following a few of these recipes could save you a considerable amount of money, especially if you have a large vegetable garden.

Chapter Five
Explains how the reader can create fungicide out of materials that can be found around the house. This is not only cost saving, but also preventative. Using certain types of fungus can help to prevent the growth of detrimental fungi.

Chapter Six
Explains how the reader can use household remedies to treat and prevent a range of different types of plant disease. Employing items such as apple cider vinegar, chives, and elder leaf, the reader may be able to prevent such thing as mildew and plant spots.

Chapter Seven
Explains the process of creating a growing medium for potted plants using only organic inputs. As you might expect, this is cheaper than using store-bought inputs; however, it may require some creativity on your part (in order to find inputs that will work well).

Chapter Eight
Provides readers with a short list of organic gardening tips they can employ to improve their vegetable yields, reduce time spent doing unnecessary tasks, and organize their garden to look and function better.

Last, the Conclusion
Will reiterate everything you learn in Chapter One through Chapter Eight; and will provide some additional insight to help you on the path to creating the perfect organic garden.

At the end of certain chapters, I have included an appendix,
Which includes an actual story about gardening from start to finish. This will help to illustrate how you can put these techniques into action.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not satisfied with How to Master Organic Gardening, you have 90 days in which to return it for a full refund! That's right, you have a full season to try out the methods I have used for years in my garden. Simply email support@goorganicgardening.com with your name and Paypal receipt number to request a full refund.

Your Answers to Questions Most Asked About Organic Gardening!

Here are a few of the topics and tips you will discover ...

  • Eco-friendly alternatives to chemicals
  • Save your environment
  • Discover the secrets of organic lawn care
  • Discover how to construct a lawn care strategy
  • Discover how to create effective, organic mulches
  • Learn about organic pesticides
  • Discover low-cost organic gardening solutions
  • Discover how to create fungicide out of home materials
  • Learn of household remedies to treat and prevent plant disease
  • Create a growing medium for potted plants using only organic inputs
  • Receive a list of organic gardening tips to improve yields, and reduce time
  • Discover how to creating the perfect organic garden using an actual story about gardening from start to finish.


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How to Master Organic Gardening
How To Master
Organic Gardening

- How To Master Organic Gardening -

Your complete guide to eco-friendly gardening,
from a beautiful lawn and flowers to
safe, non-toxic methods of battling pests,
all in a convenient electronic book!

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