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Raised Bed Garden Frames

It's a fact!  ...Raised bed gardens are attractive, easy, and fun to use. But, best of all, they produce more and healthier flowers, vegetables and herbs. Raised bed gardeners know this fact, and are more successful growers.

Whether you call them Raised Garden Beds, or Raised Bed Gardens, the results are the same..... Great looking flowers, a bountiful vegetable harvest.

A raised bed kit consists of landscape timber and corner brackets. Plastic landscape timber is by far the most common material. It lasts for a long, long time. Wood boards or wood landscape timbers are also used. They have a limited life, and lose their neat and tidy appearance fairly quickly as they age. Please note: Avoid using pressure treated lumber or landscape timber. While pressure treated wood lasts longer, they can contain harmful chemicals that can leach into your soil.


Why are raised gardens so much more successful in helping you to produce a spectacular crop?

  • The elevated surface allows for good drainage, especially during wet spring weather, and summer downpours.

  • The soil in your raised bed frame warms up earlier in the season. This promotes earlier seed germination, and healthier early season plants.

  • Ease of use - Senior citizens and people with handicaps love the elevated gardens.

  • It's easier on the back and knees.

  • People who have a raised bed garden, are more avid gardeners who take pride in their gardens.

Guarden raised bed garden frames are the most popular units on the market. They don't skimp on material,which affects the strength of the plastic timber. Unlike other models, the 4' X 8' Guarden raised bed frames are so strong, they do not need a center support that gets in the way of you and your plants.

Creative Uses of the Guarden Raised Bed Frames:

  • Senior citizen facilities place a sheet of plywood atop sawhorses. The frame is placed on the plywood, and filled with soil.

  • Use smaller sizes on balconies, decks, patios and high rise rooftops. Just place a piece of plastic sheeting under the frame. Fill the frame with soil, and you are ready to garden almost anywhere.

Raised bed frames come in a variety of sizes. They can be single deep (5 1/4" high), or extra deep(10 1/2" high), using one or two plastic timbers. Extra deep models, are by far the most popular. The extra height makes it easier to work and harvest your plants.

Popular sizes are:

  • 2' X 4'

  • 3' X 6'

  • 4' X 4'

  • 4' X 8'

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Hobby Greenhouses

Add a cover system to your raised garden, and you have....  A hobby greenhouse!

This raised bed kit comes with a cover system ,designed for the Guarden raised garden bed frames. The cover latches firmly to the raised bed frame, allowing it to withstand high winds. The plastic cover comes standard with the unit. Optional pest covers and insect netting are also available.

Low price Guarantee: We believe our prices are the lowest...anywhere. If you see a lower price, please give us the opportunity to beat it. This offer excludes the occasional model closeout, if that item is not in our stock. Buy at the lowest price now!

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