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Organic Soil Amendments

All soils are different, varying from sand to clay and acid to alkaline. Plants also vary, requiring differing amounts of nutrients, pH, and water retention. We offer a broad range of soil amendments to allow you to remedy specific problems you may have or tailor your soil to specific plants.
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Cottonseed Meal (5-2-1)

An excellent source of slow-release nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and numerous trace elements. Cottonseed Meal (5-2-1)
Price: $9.50

Elemental Sulfur

Lowers pH in alkaline soils! Elemental Sulfur contains 90% sulfur and can be used as a soil amendment around... Elemental Sulfur
Price: $7.50

Shellfish Fertilizer

Shellfish Fertilizer Derived from crab shells, Shellfish Fertilizer is a natural source of calcium (10.50%), nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and many trace minerals.
Price: $11.50

Glacial Rock Dust

Glacial Rock Dust Contains a broad range of trace minerals...minerals which have been slowly lost through the ages, by erosion, leaching...
Price: $7.95

Greensand (0-0-3)

Mined from deposits of minerals that were originally part of the ocean floor, Greensand contains about 3% total potash, along with... Greensand (0-0-3)
Price: $8.95

Light Warrior Grow Medium

Enhance root growth and encourage greater nutrient uptake by plants with Light Warrior. Contains an organic blend of mycorrhizae... Light Warrior Grow Medium
Price: $18.95

Oyster Shell Lime

Oyster Shell Lime Raises pH in acidic soils! Finely ground oyster shells are a by-product of the seafood industry. Contain...
Price: $7.95

Blood Meal (13-1-0)

Blood Meal (13-1-0) A very strong source of organic nitrogen. Kiln dried Blood Meal has been used for years by organic gardeners...
Price: $12.50

Potting Mix

A unique blend of EKO compost, sphagnum peat moss and perlite formulated for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Potting Mix
Price: $6.95

Bone Meal (2-14-0)

A very strong source of organic phosphorous. Granulated for easy application and quick uptake by plants, Bone Meal... Bone Meal (2-14-0)
Price: $10.95
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