A Monopoly in Agriculture

A New Era of Agriculture Begins Today

Agribusiness Takes on Organic Food and Farming

Agribusiness Takes on Organic Food, Farming

Agribusinesses Consolidate Power

Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ocean-going Ships - 2007

Americans Fed Up with Drug Industry Influence

Anatomy of a Cigarette - Jeffrey Wigand

Animal Welfare Issues Compendium - Discussion Papers

Antidepressants, Bipolar Disorder and the Chemical Enslavement of Humankind by Drug Companies

Arizona Mulls New Water Source - Ocean

Aspartame, MSG, Dumbing Down Society - Dr. Russell Blaylock - You Tube

Big Pharma and Profit Priorities - Why Business Ethics Never Trickle Up

Big Pharma Defends Patent Power

Big Pharma Snared by Net

Big Tobacco and Big Pharma - Same Tactics, Different Chemicals

Bigger and Better - How Pfizer Redefined Erectile Dysfunction

Biotech Ban May Sprout Others

Bird Flu - A Corporate Bonanza for the Biotech Industry

Bush Previews Abu Dhabi's Planned Carbon Neutral, Car Free City

Canada's C-51 Law May Outlaw 60% of Natural Health Products

Cargill - A Corporate Threat to Food and Farming - 2008  

Checkbook Politics - The Center for Public Integrity

Chemical Pesticides - Health Effects

Cholinesterase Inhibitors - Drugs Looking for a Disease

Codex Alimentarius - Power Play for Control of the Global Food Supply & Natural Health Industry

Codex Alimentarius - Power Play for Control of the Global Food Supply

Codex and Nutricide - Controlling Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs - You Tube

Combating Disease Mongering - Daunting but Nonetheless Essential

Concentrated Market Power and Agricultural Trade - 2006

Congress Set to Bail Out Big Pharma in Secret

Contaminated - The New Science of Food - You Tube

Corporate Agribusiness Is Behind Our Deadly Food Supply

Corporate Agribusinesses Have Taken Control of the Entire Food System

Corporate Power - Agrofuels and the Expansion of Agribusiness

Corporations Control Your Dinner

Database of State Incentive for Renewables and Efficiency

Dean Foods Company Completes Acquisition of Horizon Organic Holding Corporation

Demand Natural Gas Now - CNGNow

Dietary Supplement GMPs

Disease Mongering in Drug Promotion - Do Governments Have a Regulatory Role

DNA Patents Create Monopolies on Living Organisms

Doctors' Body Accuses Drug Firms of 'Disease Mongering'

Doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic

Drug Ads - Making Medicines More Profitable

Drug Firms Accused of Turning Healthy People into Patients

Drug Industry Influence Timeline - Center for Public Integrity

Drug Lobby Second to None - The Center for Public Integrity

Eat the View - The White House Organic Garden Campaign - Video

Eating Genetically Engineered Food is Gambling with Your Health

Economic Concentration and Structural Change in Food and Ag Sector - 2004

Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies

Fair Trade Green - Business Directory

Family Farms - Small Is Bountiful

Family Farms or Factory Farms

FDA Announces Plan to eliminate Vitamin Companies

FDA Releases GMP Regulations for Supplements

FDA's Own Scientists Report Pattern of Intimidation, Censorship and Scientific Fraud that Undermines Public Safety

Female Sexual Dysfunction - A Case Study of Disease Mongering and Activist Resistance

For Every Pill, They Invent Another Ill

Framer's Opposition to Corporate Globalization and Trade Agreements - 2002

Free Trade - Benefit or Peril for the Environment - - Kumar Venkat on GreenBiz.com

Genetically Engineered Foods May Pose National Health Risk

Giving Legs to Restless Legs - A Case Study of How the Media Helps Make People Sick

Global Food Companies Achieve Quasi-Monopolies

Global Food Surpluses Generate Famine

Global Seed Industry Concentration

Global Shipping Must Curb 'Unchecked' Pollution

Global trade = global warming - Salon.com Search - Salon The Web Site

Globalization's Unanswered Questions

Green Building Supply Affiliate Programs Network

Green Jobs Overview

GreenHome - National Homebuilder Mainstream 

H. R. 6570 - Encourage Production of Natural Gas Vehicles

Health Care Economics - Diseases Are Too Profitable to Prevent or Cure

Health Concerns

Health Supplements - R.I.P.

Herbal Medicine vs. the FDA – Word Document

Herbicide Company - Genealogy

Hidden History - Rachel Carson - You Tube

Home Grown - The Case for Local Food in a Global Market

How a New Policy Led to Seven Deadly Drugs

How Biofuels Could Starve the Poor

How the FDA is Becoming a Drug Company

How to Enter the Global Green Economy

How to Go Organic

Industry Puts $44 Million into State Lobbying - The Center for Public Integrity

Inside the Cell & Intelligent Design - You Tube

Insider Schools Kids on Nicotine Secrets

Is Avian Flu another Pentagon Hoax

Is the FDA Safe and Effective - Gary Null - Video

Jerry Yudelson - Green Building Consultant

Let’s Not Be the Next Big Pharma

Lifting the Veil of Secrecy - Corporate Support for Health and Environmental Charities and Groups - 2003

Mathematical Proof for Intelligent Design - You Tube

Matrix-style Virtual Worlds a Few Years Away

Medicine Goes to School - Teachers as Sickness Brokers for ADHD

Missouri - Anheuser-Busch to Boycott State's Rice If Genetic Alterations Allowed

Monopoly Prescription Drug Racket Goes Global with Push from Bush administration, Pharmaceutical Companies

Monsanto Buys Terminator Seed Company

Monsanto Buys ‘Terminator’ Seeds Company

Monsanto Charged With Using US Patent Laws to Control Staple Crop Seeds

Monsanto Owns Your Food Patents - GMOs - You Tube

Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease

Monsanto's Harvest of Fear - Politics & Power

Natural and Organic Food and Beverage Industry Trends

Natural News

Nicotine Fact Sheet - 2007

North American Pollinator Protection

Nutritional - Supplements - Educational - Centre

Obamas to Plant White House Vegetable Garden

Organic Food Trends Profile - 2006

Organic Food Trends

Organic Gardening Ebook - Go Organic

Organic Gardening Supplies and Biological Pest Control Products - ARBICO

Organic Industry Structure - 2002 - Graphic

Organic Industry Structure - 2007 - Graphic

Organic Industry Structure - Private Label Brands - 2007

Organic Soil Care - Organic Gardening Guru

Organic Trade Association - Free Range Studios

Organic, With Pesticides (from China)

Our Food - Our Future

Pentagon, Big Pharma - Drug Troops to Numb Them to Horrors of War

Pesticide Action Network North America

Pets, Food Safety, China, the FDA and Your Health

Pharma - the New Drug Lord - Open Source - Audio

Pharma Not in Business of Health, Healing, Cures, Wellness - You Tube

Pharmaceutical Industry Lobbying and Campaign Donations In All States - The Center for Public Integrity

Pharmaceutical Marketing and the Invention of the Medical Consumer

Pharmaceuticals - Lobbying - The Center for Public Integrity

PhRMA - Lobbying for Pharmaceutical Industry

Positive Health Trends Accelerated by Consumer Education and Champions of Health Freedom

Potential Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods

Power Trips (Lobbying) Database - The Center for Public Integrity

Powerful Potion – Pharmaceuticals

Prescription for Power - Drug Makers Lobbying Army - The Center for Public Integrity

Prescription for Power - The Center for Public Integrity

Prince Charles Warns GM Crops Risk Causing the Biggest-ever Environmental Disaster

Prince Charles Warns GM Crops Risk Causing the Biggest Ever Environmental Disaster - Video

Processors Make Organic Food Big Business

Protect Your Health Freedom - Put an End to Codex and Support the Health Freedom Protection Act

Pushing Prescriptions - The Center for Public Integrity

Putting Meat on the Table - Industrial Farm Animal Production in America

Q & A - Are There Any Situations in Which Pharmaceuticals and Medications are Okay to Use -

Rachel Carson - DDT Chemical Pesticides - You Tube

Recent Mergers in the Food Industry

Rising Market Control of Transnational Agribusiness

Risky Rx - Drug Maker's Secret Strategies

Rodale Institute - Leaders in Organic Solutions and Nutrition since 1947

Safeguard Organic Standards - Organic Consumers Association

Scientific Terrorism

Secrets of Soil Nutrition

Seed Terminator and Mega-Merger Threaten Food and Freedom

Seeds of Destruction - The Geopolitics of GM Food

Seeds of Destruction - Online

Seeds of Destruction - The Geopolitics of GM Food

Selling Sickness - How the World's Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies are Turning us All into Patients

Selling Sickness - the Pharmaceutical Industry and Disease Mongering

Spending on Lobbying Thrives - The Center for Public Integrity

Stolen Harvest - Interview with Vandana Shiva - CorpWatch

Store Wars - Organic Food Versus Chemicals and GMOs - You Tube

Stripping Away Big Pharma's Figleaf

Study Shows the Public is Turning to alternative Medicine and Away from Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Supplements as Drugs

Syngenta - Switching Off Farmer's Rights - 2000

The 'White House Organic Vegetables Brand' -

The Agribusiness Accountability Initiative - Corporate Power in the Global Food System

The Assault on Iraqi Agriculture - US Agribusiness Targets the Fertile Crescent

The Biofuels Scam, Food Shortages and the Coming Collapse of the Human Population

The Collapse of Health and the Downfall of the U.S. Economy

The consumption trap

The Danger of Overvaccination with the Present Vaccine Policy

The Dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms - You Tube

The Dangers of Vioxx and the FDA - Testimony of Dr. David J. Graham - 2004

The FDA - Pharmaceutical Industry Pawn

The Fight against Disease Mongering - Generating Knowledge for Action

The Fight against Disease Mongering - Generating Knowledge for Action

The Food Revolution - John Robbins

The Framing of Food Supplements in the EU - 2005

The Gardener's Network - Organic Garden Soil

The Global Crop Diversity Trust - Official Site

The Global Economy and Water Shortage - 2006

The Great Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising Con

The Great Health Grab

The Health Insurance Problem is Not an Insurance Problem, It Is a Health Problem

The Hidden Agenda behind the Bush Administration's Bio-Fuel Plan

The Hidden Costs of Comparative Advantage - Kumar Venkat on GreenBiz.com

The Hindu Business Line - Making globalisation work

The Human Body - God’s Masterpiece

The Latest Mania Selling Bipolar Disorder

The Lawlessness of the FDA, Big Pharma immunity, and Crimes against Humanity

The Meatrix

The Mouth Revolution - Free Range Studios

The New Green Diet

The New Medical Monopoly – Allopathy By Rockefeller

The Organic Foods Movement - Led by Heinz Corporation or We the People -

The Pharmaceutical Industry Stalks the Corridors of Power

The Plan to Rescue Merck

The Rise of Natural Gas Populism - Chesapeake Energy - Video

The Ten Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Trouble with Smithfield - A Corporate Profile  

The Truth About the Drug Companies

The Untold Story Of FDA's Approval of rBGH (rBST) in Milk - You Tube

The Vitamin Hoax - Big Pharma Speaks Through Reader's Digest Magazine

The Wellness Revolution and The Hospitality Industry

The Windsors' Global Food Cartel

Top 10 Global Food Trends

Top 250 Lobbying Firms - The Center for Public Integrity

Top Global Pharmaceutical Corporations – Image

Transforming Environmental Care - Virtual Brochure - Siemens

Transition to Green - 2009

Twenty Years of Competition Reshape the US Food Marketing System - 2008

Twenty-Eight Senators Vote to Maintain Big Pharma Monopoly over U.S. Consumers

U.S. Pharmaceutical Companies and the FDA Responsible for 100 Times as Many Americans Deaths as Terrorists

Understanding the Threat to Dietary Supplements - Part 1

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life - Part 1 - You Tube

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life - Part 2 - You Tube

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life - Part 3 - You Tube

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life - Part 4 - You Tube

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life - Part 5 - You Tube

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life - Part 6 - You Tube

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life - Part 7 - You Tube

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life - Preview - You Tube

Unnecessary Surgery Exposed

Unrevealed - Non-disclosure of Conflicts of Interest in Four Leading Medical and Scientific Journals - 2004 Final

USDA Inc - How Agribusiness Has Hijacked Regulatory Policy at the US Department of Agriculture

Virtual Tour - GreenHome - National Homebuilder Mainstream

Vital to Business Survival - Reading the Signs of Change

Water - American Museum of Natural History

Well-funded Criminals Attack NaturalNews, Health Freedom Groups with Covert Disruption Campaigns

What Big Pharma Is Planning

Where Have All the Farms Gone - 2000

Who Are the Top Travelers - Congress - Lobbying - The Center for Public Integrity

Who Benefits from GM Crops - Monsanto and the Corporate Driven GM Crop Revolution

Whose Organic Standards?

Why Eat Organic Food

Why Is Society Being Dumbed Down? - Dr. Joseph Mercola - You Tube

Widely-Used Bayer Pesticide Blamed for Mass Deaths of Honeybees

Will the WTO's Codex Alimentarius Take Away Your Right to Purchase Synthetic Vitamins & Supplements

Will Wheat-Killer Fungus be Used to Spread GMO Wheat

World Trade - Global and Local Consequences

World's Healthiest Foods Highest in Antioxidant Phytonutrients

WTO, GMO and Total Spectrum Dominance


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